Getting Around Washington D.C.

When you are visiting Washington DC, one of the best transportation options that you could use is the Metro system. The Metro subway makes it possible to travel all around Washington DC quickly and easily. There are many different stations that you can get to throughout the area. You simply walk down the steps to get to the train, buy a ticket, and then jump on. If you plan on using the Metro regularly, you can also buy passes that will help you save money.

Another option that you may want to consider when you need transportation in Washington DC is a taxi. The taxi options in Washington DC are plentiful. There are many different taxi companies in the area, because it is such a popular tourist destination. They line up around all of the popular tourist attractions, and are usually ready when you need them.

Tour Trams
Throughout Washington DC, you will find many different tour trams that are available to ride on. If you are thinking about checking out some of the most popular landmarks like the Washington Monument or Arlington National Cemetery, you can pay to get involved with one of the tours. They usually have a tram that you can ride on while listening to the tour guide telling you about the landmarks.

If you are flying into Washington DC, and you need to get to your hotel, you can use the shuttle services that are available. These are sometimes a little bit more affordable than a taxi, and they can also give you more room when you're carrying luggage. Some shuttles you have to book in advance, while others are there waiting at the airport. You can sometimes get shuttles directly from your hotel as well. Once you get to the hotel, you can then use the other methods of transportation to get around the area.

The city bus system in Washington DC is also very good, and can provide you with an affordable way to get around. While the Metro is a nice option to have, you can only travel to the areas where they have stations. This limits your options a little bit, when you are trying to get around. With the bus system, you can get to more places for an affordable price. You may have to wait a little bit longer than you'd like to find a bus.